The Alehouse series of luxury vintage hardwood flooring puts the emphasis on the details, creating a totally unique flooring experience. The vintage hardwood flooring look begins with long-length planks, measuring up to seven feet. This ultimately creates a more uniform, less broken and better-flowing floor. Our exclusive vintage-surface treatment finish adds even more character, and completes the look of a reclaimed, custom hardwood floor. The vintage surface is created by specially skilled craftsmen -- in-house and by hand! They create contrast by beveling edges, add character by filling checks, and randomly wire brush each plank. all creating a truly unique and luxurious floor like no other. Afterwards, the planks receive a multi-layer, hand-staining process. The staining adds an inner glow effect that darkens towards the edges. This darkening creates the look of vintage timeworn planks. The Alehouse series has a high color variation due to the natural glow of the oak and maple species used. This means the color hues will span from high to low, adding brilliance, warmth, and ambiance. So, whether you choose the rich glow of the Doppelback Maple or the more refined look and feel of Marzen Oak for your home, your new luxury vintage hardwood flooring from Johnson Hardwood will not only look splendid but will also be good for the environment too!

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