Site Finished Hardwood

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The highest quality site finished flooring

A Site Finished Hardwood floor is a true masterpiece – and you have complete creative control. You get to choose the width of the planks, the species of wood, the color of the stain, and the gloss of the finish.

On-site sanding is the only way to achieve a perfectly flat, smooth floor with no irregularities and no crevices that can collect dust and dirt. Properly installed and maintained, site finished floors can last for generations. Nothing adds more value to your home than site finished hardwood floors.

Site finishing does take time to install, sand, fill, stain, seal and cure. You will not be able to walk on the floors or place anything on them until this process is complete. Because of this, site finishing is usually recommended for homes with historical significance and for new construction, but don’t let this discourage you from choosing site finished floors for your remodeling and renovation projects.

Site finished floors will allow you to closely match any existing floors. They can be sanded to eliminate uneven transitions between existing floors and the new floors, and should you ever need to replace planks they’ll never be out of stock or discontinued. Most importantly, no other floors offers the durability, variety and panache of a site finished floor.

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